START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
Hi all.. first post so don;t bust me up to bad..... Looking to test the waters and get into this hobby, possibly lower my cable bill, and hoping to get in for less that $150.00
Have been searching, reading, downloading, building usb bootable stciks with different versions of os's and kodi for testing and entertaining knowledge for days, including this post and the other hardware post. Must say I'm confused.

I see a lot of stay away from Android !!! but also a lot of old post when it comes to why. Seems like most boxes you can find are Andriod boxes.. Seems like OpenELEC has taken some split and there is LibreElec, and there is also OSMC in the blinds. Not to mention Kodi has upgraded form 14, 16, to 17 then they throw in Krypton.
In todays world 2017, technology move forward in this world very fast and review for a box in early 2016 are likely no longer valid.

I don;t mind getting my hands dirty and have technical skills after working in the computer field since '73, starting with vacuum cleaner, oscilloscope, voltmeter, solder sucker and iron with a bag of transistors and capacitors... til 2013 when I retired, but I just don;t want to buy and build a Rasberry.

I found a box, plug and play ready to run (marketing babble) box that fits my budget and claims to do what I want called the "TickBox" but searcing this forum I see no reference to it... I'm sure there are other sellers out there with similar products.
Any good, bad, indifferent comments on the "TickBox" ?

In the US, yes US as many boxes have EU plugs, whats a good inexpensive, sub $150.00, box to buy that has an OS installed & Kodi recent release, good remote, that will stream and play 1080p video ?

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