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Both OSMC and LibreELEC Kodi are Linux based Operating systems, OSMC is a bit more open compared to the Appliance like LibreELEC OS.
Most parts of the LibreELEC OS are read only to prevent power failure system corruption and inadvertent user breakage. LE. tries to be as bulletproof as possible.

Both are optimised to run Kodi Krypton with minimal system resource robbing overheads like an Android OS that just gets in the way of using Kodi.
Both OS's already include optimised versions of Kodi Krypton.

The Vero 4K will run Kodi Krypton out of the box. No extra installation needed.
Plug n Play, with it nice Integrated Wireless remote. It really is a complete setup with excellent after sales support.

Wireless remotes are much better than Infra Red only ones on 99% of AMLogic boxes.

LibreELEC AMLogic S905 devices will have to have the OS flashed to a microSDHC card first and that is then inserted into the box and booted:

The WeTek S905 Hub / Play2 devices are dual boot - Android OS <<--->> LibreELEC Kodi. Remotes are Infra Red only.


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