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Hi wrxtasy,

Thanks a lot for this amazing guide, I found some really useful information.

I am tech oriented but quite new on video/sound so I thought of asking your advice for my purchase:

I have a new 4k Smart TV and I can see Netflix etc there so I only need to purchase a box for Kodi. (I'd rather not have a laptop hanging around with an hdmi cable)

I used to have a first-gen Amazon stick and I was very happy with it running Kodi on my old tv, unfortunately, it freezes and reboots on my new tv so I think it's time to purchase a new device.

I am really in between a cheap 2GB Android TV box (can find ABOX A1 Plus Smart for around 40£ on or the Amazon fire TV (80£). Although Kodi was running fine on my first-gen Amazon fire TV stick, the new stick still has 1GB Ram so I think I would be better buying something with 2GB.

One main difference I have identified is that with the fire TV I will be using the remote while with the Android box I would probably need a wireless mouse as the remote doesn't really navigate properly within Kodi.

Finally in regards to audio I have a 5.1 surround system hooked on the TV, my impression is that both these 2 options would make use of it if the actual content I watch is 5.1, is that correct?

In general I just want to wach HD content (I guess 4k will be a good investment for the future since there is not much available now but will be in the future and I got the TV) with 5.1 audio. Any similar hardware that I can find in is fine too.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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