START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
The Vero 4k does look like a soild reliable box and when compared to the OD C2 by the time you finish off teh C2 with case PS 16g eMMC WifiRemote ... its up there in $$ compareable to the Vero 4k which comes loaded...

Minix U1 comes Android and heeding the warnings "Android yuk", if there are any issues jumping to xxxELEC or OSMC that could be a hassle.

U1, commonly availabel in the US with US power supply
C2, commonly available from US vendors
4k, UK purchase availability only

All about same price, when featured similarly... what to do, what to do, close eyes and jump in or just pick up a $50.00 Android box and hope for the best.
I've got Kodi 3 versions running now 14/16/17, 2 on bootable usb sticks 1 Libre and 1 Kunbu, and another version running on my lap-top.. so I've tested the waters and want in before it all collapse's, but alos want a box that could be repurposed with what ever is next or simply something else, for now I want to get streaming on the big screen.

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