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(2017-05-04, 18:48)[email protected] Wrote:
(2017-05-02, 22:14)narenh Wrote: I've been reading through this thread (and many others) for awhile. Am I correct in saying there exists no combination of Kodi/hardware that supports:
- 10bit HEVC (4K)
- HDR10 metadata
- Auto-resolution switching (so the TV upscales 1080p content)

I currently have an NVIDIA Shield, an ODROID C2, and a Khadas VIM (had a Mi box but returned it after finding out it doesn't support casting from HBO GO).
Is my best course of action to have a dedicated 1080p Kodi device and keep the Shield set to 4K? I'd have to split up my library, but that's far less annoying than having to manually resolution switch the Shield for 4K vs non-4K content.

I would like to know this as well. I am about to just buy a Nvidia Shield and live with the poor upscaling. How livable would you say it is currently? I was also looking at the Vero 4k...

Obviously it's going to depend on your setup and your own individual tolerance for the poor upscaling. I was using a 1080p BD remux of Rogue One to test, and the scene where they first arrive on Yavin IV. The temples looked noticeably worse with the Shield upscaling, and the following hangar bay scene (which is dark and has a quick pan) was virtually unwatchable. With the TV doing the upscaling that scene didn't look perfect but it didn't take me out of the movie like that scene would have when the Shield was upscaling. I should also point out that I'm not using SPMC or the high-quality scalars, because I've experienced stuttering with mediacodec-surface turned off (plus no HDR on my few 4K files that support it). My TV is a Vizio P75-C1 and eyeball-screen distance is about 8ft.

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