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(2017-05-11, 04:52)wrxtasy Wrote: AMLogic S905(x) - LibreELEC / OSMC - Kodi Krypton - 4K Options:
(order is easiest to hardest to get up and running)
  • a) Plug n Play - OSMC (Kodi Krypton) on a AMLogic S905(x) = Vero 4K - comes with a nice, integrated Wireless remote and AC WiFi.

    b) Buy a WeTek Hub (AC WiFi) / Play2 or ODROID C2 - proceed to © below...

    c) Download LibreELEC flashing software from HERE
    - Choose your AMLogic S905 weapon of choice from the menu - WeTek Hub / Play2, ODROID C2
    - Flash Software to a SD card (Samsung EVO or Sandisk - Class 10 U1) or eMMC, Plug in and Power up.
    - Purchase a Wireless remote like a MINIX A2 lite or OSMC remote and use that with these boxes. Close to Plug and Play.

    d) Buy a MINIX U1 with it's Wireless A2 lite keyboard remote and it's excellent 2x2 MIMO AC WiFi.
    - Download LibreELEC Flashing Software from ©, download S905 LibreELEC image from HERE.
    - Use LibreELEC flashing Software to point at downloaded image and flash to SD card.
    - Follow instructions from LibreELEC AMLogic sub-forum for further DIY details.

    e) Buy any old cheap AML S905(x) Android Box, do your own research, roll the dice over what will actually be delivered and how hard it is to setup, particularly for LibreELEC WiFi support and HDMI CEC. You are not paying much anyway. Then follow Flashing instructions in section (d)

Do Not buy AMLogic S912 Hardware !

AMLogic LibreELEC Kodi Krypton will be better than any Android Kodi (excluding HDR) running on any Android box.

Only reason to buy a Amazon FireTV2 is really for Android specific Apps like Amazon Video and 5.1 DD+ Netflix / Amazon Video - Audio to a 5.1 AC3 only TV / Soundbar. It also does Android Apps - Auto Resolution switching which no other Android box can do. However runs inferior Kodi, that is not easy to install or update for a bunch of users.
Amazon have broken smooth Kodi video playback with a recent Firmware update too.

Hi wrxtasy,

Thanks again for the helpful info.

So from the above options I can't see a reason why not going with (a) Vero 4k which costs 119£ and is plug and play.

Options b,c will cost the same in total as the ODROID C2 (or similar) is 80£ not including remote, sd card and time needed for DIY.

What I don't understand is what is better in Vero 4k in comparison with a 4K Android box that costs around 50£ in regards to the picture/sound quality of Kodi playback. I am sorry for my lack of technical knowledge but from my view I have seen Kodi streaming video in 1080p without any problems with such boxes (or even on an Amazon stick 1st generation) so I am trying to understand what is it that makes it worth it to spend the extra money to buy the Vero 4k.

Thanks in advance.



I found this box for 55£ in
WISEWO Q-Box Android 6.0 Amlogic S905X Smart TV Box Quad Core Speed Bluetooth 4.0 Dual Band Wifi 5G/2.4G Mini PC 2GB/16GB/4K Media Player + Wireless Keyboard Mouse

Do you think that is a suitable box for me to perform option b?

If yes, what will be the advantage of using Kodi on LibreELEC (option b) than to install it straight on that Android box? I guess that is related to my other question as to what is the advantage of using a Vero 4k.

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