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(2017-05-12, 19:26)m.r.f. Wrote: I see, to get 24-bit/192kHz bit perfect playback is with AML S905 LibreELEC or Vero 4K running OSMC.
But they no have Netflix.
To have everything, only intel HTPC (barebone, NUC) running windows 10.

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Not quite - the S905 WeTek Hub with Android Marshmallow Firmware can do reliable 1080p/4K Netflix using the stock standard - Android TV - Netflix App, and then easily Dual Boot into LibreELEC.

There is also a pretty nice unofficial Android TV ROM about to be released for it. Add a Wireless MINIX remote and you have a flexible little device for casual Android use. I'm even getting 5.1 DD Android TV Netflix Audio on a connected DD only Audio system - something the Xiaomi Mi Box or nVIDIA Shield cannot even do.

LibreELEC happily runs at speed on less than 1GB of RAM - even for High Bitrate 4K streaming. Smile

TIP: AMLogic LibreELEC runs faster from Samsung EVO or Sandisk Class 10 U1 microSDHC cards vs other brands.


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