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As per my previous posts, Amazon have recently put out a Firmware update that has broken what supposed smooth video playback the FireTV's had. I believe @wesk05 found it did not even output 23.976fps video properly anyway.

Kodi Krypton:

Plus Android Kodi Krypton PVR usage is broken.
Unless it's been fixed the FireTV's always had problems with deinterlacing.

The FireTV's cannot do HD Audio Passthrough. I think there are also problem with stock standard 5.1 DTS Passthrough as well.
Amazon Primary focus is on making sure DD / DD+ / EAC3 Audio works from paid for Streaming Apps.

FireTV's are HDMI 1.4 platforms too so do not fully support all 4K resolutions.
You cannot for example plug in a TV tuner and turn a Amazon box into a cheap OTA TV server for the house.

Android has issues for those plugging in Multiple HDD's as well.
Then there are Android Kodi Networking issues, Android external HDD access problems...and more I've forgotten...

Android just gets in the way of running Kodi - and bug fixing updates can take quite a while to get pushed out.

Add to that are the issues for newbies having trouble updating Kodi Krypton, or even installing it on the FireOS. This has actually backfired on Amazon badly and led to an explosion of Kodi "Fully Loaded" FireTV sticks.

Amazon really does not care about Kodi one bit.

You have literally none of these problems with OSMC or LibreELEC. It all just works at speed with minimal fuss.
You would never see LibreELEC put out an official update that broke ultra smooth Kodi video playback for example, because their primary focus is actually Kodi, not selling Amazon online services.

BTW: the MINIX U1 can be setup as Dual Boot as well. It's just not as smoothly implemented as the WeTeK devices. It's Mini Keyboard remote comes in real handy for LibreELEC Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts too.
It also comes with an optimised XBMC for MINIX (Kodi Jarvis) App, that will work better than any Kodi Android implementation on that box because it still uses Amcodec Hardware video acceleration.

The U1 has Gigabit Ethernet, the Vero 4K 100M - still fine for Bluray .ISO streaming, not sure about 4K - I'm asking the OSMC guys...

HDR is not working properly on LibreELEC AMLogic S905X boxes - I seriously doubt it works properly on the OSMC Vero4K (S905X) either. The problem is you cannot put Linux Kodi based boxes into Deep Color Mode automatically - needed for HDR. Android Boxes have this option.

Oh and one more thing..... AMLogic S905 LibreELEC Kodi Leia v18 (agile) test releases can currently stream 720p Netflix and Amazon Video DRM streams with proper 24p video sync and 5.1 EAC3 Audio. I believe Intel LibreELEC (agile) may be better still and give 1080p.



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