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Hi there!
I'm new in this forum although I use Kodi for many years now. First on a Windows PC, the last years on Amazon's Fire TV II. I like Kodi a lot and it fulfills all my requirements. So far so good, but since more and more movies come along with Dolby Atmos, or DTS X I feel a bit trapped. I read a lot the last few days, here and in other fora and the message I got is that Android and HD-Audio/Video reproduction do not go along in a smooth way, thanks to vendors like Amazon who are obviously not willing to support anything beside their own streaming content. So I decided to keep the Fire TV for Amazon Prime and Netflix only, but will use Kodi for my hundreds of movies on a different platform. The question is which one. Recently I found this thread, but I'm a bit lost with 109 pages packed with information and products I do not even know the name.
So I hope for mercy that I didn't read the whole thread and some helpful hints to chose the right product. My requirements are stability, 4k Video, passthrough of Dolby Atmos and DTS X and the possibility to operate the whole thing via RC, or iPad. And I don't want Android anymore.
I hope for some recommendations and support. Many thanks in advance and
Kind regards!

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