START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
Please define "Best" as it relates to you ?

Do you want 10bit decoding and correct 10bit video output to a modern 10bit display ?

Or do you want 10bit video dithered and output as 8bit because you don't have a HDR10 TV and just a normal, regular 8bit TV?

If it just 10bit HEVC decode you want with smooth video playback, then any of the AMLogic S905/S905X OSMC / LibreELEC Kodi boxes will give you what you want with minimal problems of Android getting in the way and complicating matters. See the previous two pages for details of such boxes.

Do you even need Android or just want a no fuss Kodi box ?

Because Android is not going to give you seamless 1080p <<-->>2160p Auto resolution switching if you have a standard 4K TV and mixed 10bit 1080p / 2160p(4K) HEVC video content. Manually selecting, and fiddling about with Android settings to get optimal upscaling picture outputs for a 4K TV soon becomes a PITA after a while.


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