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(2017-05-27, 07:00)wrxtasy Wrote: No it is not if you use Android Marshmallow.
Android Marshmallow is not even the standard install on the C2.

It does not include a Google Apps store. Refresh switching is broken. You cannot use SPMC (Jarvis) to be able to use PVR's and get proper deinterlacing either. The screen display with SPMC is messed up on SPMC startup. It really is pretty poor actually. Sad

If you use LibreELEC Kodi Krypton however on the C2. All that works, minus Android of course. You cannot dual boot the C2.

Android Kodi Krypton on all Android platforms has broken PVR's and deinterlacing. You have to use Intel / RPi platforms or use AMLogic devices that still use Amcodec deinterlacing and hardware acceleration AND has working refresh switching - such as LibreELEC.

There is no 5.1 AC3 Audio passthrough either when using PVR's and Android Kodi Krypton.

The WeTek Hub has this working for you:
- Real easy dual booting by just using the IR remote, if you need to switch between Android and LibreELEC Kodi Krypton. Remembers last used OS too so you can set and forget if you want to.
- Android / LibreELEC Kodi Krypton - properly working dynamic refresh switching with both.
- Working PVR's and Hardware deinterlacing when using both LibreELEC Kodi and also using SPMC/FTMC (Amcodec - Jarvis) with the unofficial Android TV ROM.
- Android TV with TvHeadend Live Channels beta works really well too, for high quality Live TV streams with 5.1 AC3 Audio.

The unofficial Android TV ROM (Marshmallow) now available for the WeTek Hub is really pretty nice. I can use FTMC (Kodi Jarvis fork) and Kodi Krypton to meet 99% of my 576/1080i TV deinterlacing and Kodi Krypton movie viewing needs.


I'm considering buying wetek hubs...
Does the wetek hub wake from lan or usb? For my home automation integration? I suppose i can leave them on as energy consumption is low.

I've also tried android-x86 on a chromebox, could this be a good platform for kodi incl. 1080i deinterlacing?

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