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(2017-06-06, 20:41)runningnaked Wrote: dibs on your Kuro!

just kidding. I couldn't afford the shipping, let alone the TV Sad


You can pick it up cheap through eBay .. Maybe local to you.

Every year I say this is the year i get a new TV ..
Last month was no different. I visited stores to check out the latest OLED/QLED sets, I was so impressed that I started itching to upgrade.
But when I got home to my old trusty set and put on BBC Earth II BR - Reality got realigned.
You still can't beat the colours of the Kuro and combine that with its fluid motion .. It's still a force to be reckoned with. The picture doesn't pop out or look sharp as on the newest screens instead it's very natural looking and easy on the eye. More close to cinema screen in my experience.

Maybe next year.

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