START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)

Beginners = Android TV because devices running the Android TV interface are really easy to use with simple, integrated Wireless Voice remote controls and run Apps actually built for easy use on a TV screen.
Hint: you can Voice search a SPMC/Kodi media library with Android TV devices.

All those boxes boxes you have chosen use a tablet touchscreen Android interface = not suitable for beginners and non-techheads as you need to use a Wireless Air Mouse or Touchpad keyboard to even used Android Tablet Apps properly. Basically Android Apps with a very sensitive mouse pointer on a TV screen are a PITA to use compared to Android TV.

The Q10 Pro or Zidoo do not even come with an Wireless Air Mouse or touchpad keyboard. That will be extra $$$ and even then the aftermarket remote you purchase will not be properly integrated completely into the system like you would get with the MINIX U9 and its NEO A3 Wireless remote.

Plus the Q10 or Zidoo do not even run a standard install of Kodi Krypton out of the box, which adds another layer of difficulties for a bunch of people, particularly in-experienced users. They are targeted 3D devices if you are really, really serious about 1080p 3D, and even then various Intel Machines apparently output superior 3D.


If you just want Kodi seriously consider either an OSMC device or one running LibreELEC Kodi Krypton only. The most complete packaged devices, with nice Wireless remotes out there are the Vero 4K or the MINIX U1(dual boot - Android / LibreELEC)
These AMLogic Chipset OSMC / LibreELEC devices will run Kodi better than any Android device out there, simply because they are actually highly optimised for Kodi.

I can no longer use Infra Red only remotes on various platforms in 2017. Wireless remotes are far superior for ease of use and media player responsiveness.

(2017-06-09, 01:35)Pepe999 Wrote: Is there any suggestions for a good versatile Kodi box which can play live tv and do timeshifting using a clear qam tuner?
@noggin our resident TV engineer would be the man that would know about clear QAM Tuners.
At a guess I would say yes to Chromebox - no idea about the other AMlogic Chipset boxes you mentioned with such tuners.


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