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(2017-06-15, 09:14)ultravid Wrote: @wrxtasy: Thanks for the advise, Will do some research on Minix U1 .

It seems to me as someone prefers air mouse, Minix is definitely your choice out of the 3 models that I mentioned. However, assuming that all 3 work fine with air (wireless) device, what would be your pick?
Kodi only Plug n Play = Vero 4K - comes with everything ready to go.

A Bit of Android Lollipop & run LibreELEC Kodi from an external micro SDHC card = MINIX U1 - I do like its A2 Lite Wireless remote.

Unofficial Android TV or straight up Android Marshmallow that you can very easily dual boot into LibreELEC Kodi just by using the Infra Red remote's power button = Play2
LibreELEC is easily installed to an external SD card and it autoupdates because the Play2 is a LibreELEC reference device.

Plus with the Play2 you also get proper HDCP, DRM & Netflix approval for copy protected DRM video Streaming Apps.
It really is a pretty flexible device so you can choose what OS suits best.
A MINIX A2 or A3 Lite remote would complement the Play2 nicely.
The A3 lite has Voice search that could possibly be added to the Play2's Android Firmware. Voice search may work out of the box. I really do not know.

Kodi, Vero or LibreELEC do not need Air Mouse Functionality at all to use properly.

Be aware the Zidoo X9S does not run a native version of Kodi that you install direct from the Playstore.
To use the box's A/V features properly they distribute a Kodi fork (version) called ZDMC that then calls external media player software.
As such Zidoo is responsible for any such ZDMC support, on their own forums.

And they are also responsible for any ZDMC updates and bug fixes. There is no guarantee that when new Spec Zidoo Hardware comes out ongoing support will continue for years to come.

The Q10 Pro also uses a Wrapper and does not run Kodi natively either. Kodi is only a front end for external media player software.

Please be aware of the risks once you branch out from the Android Kodi eco system and being able to directly install and run Kodi from the Playstore.

Personally I don't much like devices that need special versions or quasimodo Wrappers and external media player Software just to simply use Kodi - once you start adding too many variables and workarounds it frankly turns into a bit of a nightmare for a beginner.


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