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(2017-06-15, 17:05)Tinderbox (UK) Wrote: I watch a lot of Animi, but some of the series are in h.264 10bit and after reading many many websites that say it will never be supported/ hardware decoded by mainstream manufactures, so software is my only choice, 1080p h.264 10bit is extremely juddery on my Amlogic S905X 2GB tv box so i was looking at getting an more powerful version, The new Amlogic S912 seemed the way to go as it has a Octo 8 core`s over the S905X Quad 4 cores.

But according to benchmark comparisons between the S905 and S912 the S912 only scores noticibly higher in 3D processing which is gaming, But not in 2D video, So how can 8 cpu cores only score approx the same as 4 cpu cores, it`s seems strange to me, So the S912 will not software decode H.264 10bit any smoother than an S905 ??



Yes that is true - 1080p H264 10bit Anime aka Hi10P is not a legit compression format. So it has to be software decoded by the media players CPU's.

None of those 4 Core AMlogic devices has the necessary CPU grunt.
Just tested 1080p Anima on the S912 and whilst it does play - it is not smooth.

Looks like only 4 CPU's are really being utilised and ffmpeg Software decoding (Android Kodi or SPMC ) is not optimised on the S912 for 8 Core CPU Software decoding. MX Player is not smooth either. I would say various testing Apps are not optimised either for 8 Core CPU's.

The nVIDIA Shield or decent Intel Iron would be needed I would think for 1080p Hi10P Anime


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