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(2017-06-21, 09:08)Alejandro3 Wrote: Btw, saw that the creator of Pine A64 are releasing the Rock64, could this do the job?

Stay away from anything Rockchip who still use non standard Android API's - which is a big no no when using Kodi Krypton.

Your thinking outside the Kodi box here - and that will end up in the pit of doom along with all the other crap Kodi boxes.

AML S905(x) boxes running LibreELEC are quite a bit quicker running from fast Internal eMMC flash storage than a RPi3.
Plus everything is Hardware decoded by the VPU - the 4 CPU's do not much at all when playing video on the S905's.

There are a bunch of AML Utility LibreELEC Addons available from thoria


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