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LibreELEC, because that is where all but one of the OpenELEC developers went too after numerous disagreements over the direction the OE project was going. OE is pretty much a one man project these days.

This happened over a year ago. Maybe you have been living under a rock ?
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(Yesterday 20:58)wrxtasy Wrote:  I would not be relying on WiFi on any media player to give you reliable 4K playback.

4K Playback really needs to be used with LibreELEC Kodi Krypton because it can give you Auto resolution switching 1080p <<-->> 4K

Best class leading (2x2 MIMO) WiFi on AML devices is on the MINIX U1 that also can come packaged with the nice A2 Lite Wireless remote.

Best value, especially with the Kick Ass unofficial Android TV ROM and real easy dual boot to LibreELEC = WeTek Play2

Only advantage S905X gives is 10bit HDR video output and VP9 hardware decoding. Great is you like HDR test clips Wink
S905X is 100M Ethernet only vs mostly GigaE on S905

4K VP9 Youtube is restricted to official Android TV, and even then only certain platforms it seems.

I have no other option than wi-fi... Considering I've found the Minix for around 30 euros less, I think that's going to be the choice. Is there any custom rom for this device? I intend running Libreelec along with Android if possible.

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