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(2017-06-28, 17:20)wrxtasy Wrote: IEC Audio Firmware support is needed for Krypton Audio Passthough. I suspect the X8-H has old Android 4.4.x Firmware without that support.

First Options before new Hardware....

1) Install LibreELEC Kodi Kryton to a Samsung EVO, Sandisk or Lexar 300x Class 10 U1 microSDHC card and run a dual boot setup.
2) Install SPMC (Krypton test) from HERE and select the RAW Audio passthough options.
3) Follow the advice in this post and install an Alt. fork of Krypton.

All other MINIX Kodi support questions belong either on the Kodi Android Subforum or look in the MINIX X8-H Sub Forum.

Is link in 2) same url as link in 1)?

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