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(2017-07-23, 17:05)lirux Wrote: Thanks, I'll probably order the C2 then.
How crucial is getting an eMMC module? (compared to a fast microSD). Will it be noticeable in any other case other than boot time?
Also, does even the 8GB eMMC module worth it? or is it slower due to the low capacity?

I got myself a C2 with 8GB eMMC a few months ago. The device is very fast with the eMMC and response is more than snappy. Fast micro SD might be cheaper but you are going to regret it. The device will not feel as snappy as with an eMMC. I tried Micro SD for the fun of testing. Returned to the eMMC as fast as I could Wink

BTW 8GB is more than sufficent for me. I have my media stored on a NAS with a shared MySQL database so only thumbs and the like are stored on the 8GB. FWIW I have 600+ movies and 7000+ TV episodes and still have some 5GB to spare/fill Big Grin

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