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(2017-08-11, 07:19)biochem Wrote: Ok thanks - so I am looking into Amlogic S905 SoC devices with the plan for a potential Fire TV3.
While looking after the Odroid C2 I realized after buying a case, eMMC Storage, power supply ... I am at the same price range (or at least close) as the Vero 4K or Wetek Play2.

Does it still make sense to go for the Odroid? Whats your opinion on that?

Most people buy a C2 because they want the best AMLogic - HDMI-CEC control - a HDMI-CEC TV for example can turn the C2 OFF / ON.
Its the only AML S905 device the LibreELEC developers have had access to the bootloader source code to be able to modify and optimise CEC.

Its also the only AMLogic S905(x) device that can be safely CPU and RAM Overclocked.

A bunch of users also already have old mobile phone/tablet USB power supply lying around so can reuse that & a USB to Micro USB Cable to supply power to the C2.
They also only need Ethernet. And a recommended Samsung EVO, Sandisk or Lexar 300x U1 Class 10 microSDHC is quick enough anyway.

And to be frank the Infra Red only remotes most of the cheap AML S905(x) boxes come supplied with are pretty useless if you want a responsive LibreELEC Kodi device. Wireless remotes are much better anyway.

For me personally HDR is irrelevant, my old 4K TV is not HDR - if buy a new 4K HDR TV - 4K HDR Netflix and Amazon will be what I use HDR features for.

I however do need proper HDMI-CEC and Gigabit Ethernet. Plus I want the fastest AML S905 device possible.
I also have all the C2 extra bits except the C2 Board and case - all I added was a MINIX A2 lite Wireless remote.
My C2 is buried deep in my TV cabinet, you would not even know it is there, that is the beauty of Wireless remotes and HDMI-CEC.

Suggestion - just pick what is the most important feature(s) for you vs Price you can pay from the following list:

AMLogic S905(x) - LibreELEC / OSMC - Kodi Krypton - 4K Options


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