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(2017-08-20, 10:53)Sam.Nazarko Wrote: I've not tested with many UHD Blu-rays, but have tested extensively with Jellyfish clips. It's good to use these as part of a series of test clips before releasing a new update.
Yep - I don't think there are many lossless rips in the wild yet (I suspect most 'UHD Blu-ray' stuff is HDMI captured and re-encoded at lower bitrates)
Quote:Even 300mbps will play instantly from eMMC with the latest update.

Yep - would expect local playback from eMMC to be fast. I've had good results on an ODroid C2 from eMMC.

Would hope local playback from a USB 2.0 connected storage device should deliver 20MB/s levels too? (i.e. 160Mb/s?)

(BTW in the thread you linked to you said no ARM SoC supports USB 3.0? What about the Samsung Exynos that the ODroid U and XU series have been running for a while? The XU4 (and predecessors) has USB 3.0 support and has been around a little while now. The HiSilicon Hi3798C V200 that the Poplar 96Board is based on also has USB 3.0.)

Quote:Over LAN: I found no issue with Jellyfish 140Mbps (jellyfish-140-mbps-4k-uhd-hevc-10bit.mkv). It's a good one to test
as it's the only (I think?) Jellyfish clip with audio. The startup was snappy. Obviously if you're using something like
sshfs (some people do); there's going to be more overhead and a slower startup speed.

Jellyfish is quite a short clip though isn't it - 30" or so? So you aren't testing sustained playback, and partial buffering will let you mitigate network connection speed? Testing with short clips only tells a partial story.

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