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(2017-08-20, 11:19)Sam.Nazarko Wrote:
Quote:(BTW in the thread you linked to you said no ARM SoC supports USB 3.0? What about the Samsung Exynos that the ODroid U and XU series have been running for a while? The XU4 (and predecessors) has USB 3.0 support and has been around a little while now. The HiSilicon Hi3798C V200 that the Poplar 96Board is based on also has USB 3.0.)

Indeed -- I wasn't clear. I was mainly talking about from a Linux + Kodi perspective.

The HiSillicon seems to be used in HiMedia products and be an Android only affair. Not aware of the Linux + Kodi situation. XU4 seems to have some limitations with Linux + Kodi too; although I understand HK did improve some of the Exynos HDMI limitations.

Yep - in Kodi terms I totally agree. That said Linaro are backing the HiSilicon stuff So it could be an interesting thing to keep an eye on. Whether it will amount to anything relevant to Kodi - who knows...

Quote:Jellyfish is quite a short clip though isn't it? So you aren't testing sustained playback, and buffering will let you mitigate network connection speed? Testing with short clips only tells a partial story.

Agreed, but I have also tested with other clips. Jellyfish is far too short, particularly when you have Adjust Refresh Rate on, so we make it longer with mkvmerge.
I think 100Mbps will do the trick for quite a while.

So how are you getting >140Mbs content over a 100Mbs connection - or is the 140Mbs a peak, with the average below 100Mbs? I'm confused.

BTW - I totally agree that until we see proper, real world, content maxing out UHD bitrates it is a non-issue. Practical issues of storing ~100GB movie files is an issue...

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