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(2017-08-21, 14:41)wrxtasy Wrote: If you want dirt cheap box for Kodi use only buy a AMLogic S905 or S905x device and run LibreELEC Kodi on it.
Avoid all AMLogic S912 boxes are there are problems with LibreELEC on those devices. Better tech Specs do not always translate into a better device.

The S905x MECOOL Pro Plus is a decent buy for an Ethernet only Kodi device.

Why LibreELEC Kodi (or OSMC) and not Android Kodi Krypton for IPTV ?
- because LE Kodi Krypton will handle anything you throw at it. You will get far superior, reliable deinterlacing if some of IPTV streams you are talking about stream as interlaced material.

More expensive devices like the Vero 4K, WeTek's, MINIX etc come as near complete packages out of the box with better WiFi and integrated remotes & more.
The Cheaper Hardware is more DIY and requires some elbow grease.
Its not really that hard flashing LibreELEC to a microSDHC card and getting that OS up and going, especially when there are users on the Kodi and LibreELEC forums already running the same equiptment.

OSMC and LibreELEC on AMLogic hardware have now reached a level of stability and reliability, you could happily use either of them day to day which I do. Both come with great support no matter what Hardware you choose.

Totally agree with wrxtasy here - S905/X box with Libreelec (I install to NAND as I hate the Android interface but many SD card boot). Kodi 17.x with a decent skin (I use Aero) and you have cracked it. Well you have after you spend weeks tweaking but thats the fun of it isnt it lol

I have a couple of these devices and one of them is the Kii pro (Mecool). I replaced my Enigma2 satellite box. With TVHeadend it works a treat but I do think Kodi needs a better live TV/IPTV app. Ivue is great but it isn't a patch on an Enigma2 box with a Sky skin on it. Far easier. And ivue is great for the Freeview live TV stuff coming through my satellite but it is bloody awful for IPTV lists

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