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(2017-08-20, 12:23)Sam.Nazarko Wrote:
Quote:Presumably this means that the 140Mbs is a peak not sustained figure then? With all the buffering in the world you won't get a continuous 140Mbs stream over a 96Mbs connection for sustained periods of time (unless you have a very big buffer - which makes it almost like download)

You won't -- but also don't think you'll need it.
CBR content is rare; CBR content > 100Mbps will be even harder to come by..

I tried a few 4K videos when I got my vero4k, the video is about 3:30 and file size is 1.2G. The video is stored on my PC which wireless connected to my router on 5G WIFI, vero4k is wired connect to router.
The initial load time is petty long, about 20+ seconds, and it could pause for loading in the middle for a while. I don't think we should blame the 100M Ethernet, but what I want to say is it is most likely what the end user will get when dealing with large files. Most people don't have enterprise level router and reliable wired connection on all devices.

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