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(2017-08-22, 13:30)hausmanis Wrote: Ive tried more android TV boxes than i can count.

Right now im using Zidoo X9S and i think its okey.

What box would you guys say is the best right now (aug 2017) if you need a box that can handle the following perfectly:
4k movies
1080p movies
passthrough dts-hd 7.1 sound
perfect auto framerate
great image quality

Is the x9s still the best box that can handle the above ? i find the later firmwares are sketchy

I'm trying to find the same "dream" box. I have an Intel NUC today that doesn't handle 4k, and I'm waiting for my new 4k HDR tv to arrive. 99% of the time I use the NUC for playing mkv files, and most har high bitstream Full HD but I'm getting some 4k HDR content now as well.
A box that "just works" or requires not too much fiddeling about to get to work and maintain, whilst giving great picture and sound (DTS-HD + Atmos) quality would be great. I ordered a MECOOL M8S PRO PLUS Amlogic S905X as it's dirt cheap and it has the infamous S905X chip. Would this be a good fit or should I cancel it? I could get a MINIX NEO U1 though this is almost 3x the price of the MECOOL. Or maybe just a Xiaomi Mi Box if the quiality if the output quiality is good enough.
For any of these devices should I set the native resolution to FullHD and let the TV (LG OLED C7) upscale, or run the box natively in 4k?

I'm trying to digest the first posts and the hundred and some pages, but it seems that the recommendations change a bit depending on drivers, Andoid core, if you run LibreELEC Kodi or OSMC Kodi, etc.

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