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(2017-08-24, 16:52)wrxtasy Wrote:
(2017-08-24, 16:19)gene0915 Wrote: I like the Xiaomi because I can miracast my Android phone to it and it's cheap. Does it have enough hardware power to direct play from Plex if I use Kodi+Plex ad-on?
The question that may be overlooked is do you value smooth Fractional (23.976, 29.97, 59.94fps) video playback like LE gives you on the Chromebox ?

Because the Mi Box has no Kodi / Plex dynamic refresh switching. Do not even attempt to throw interlaced video content at it either or VC-1. You will be really unhappy then. I call it a "Kodi light" box - good for non demanding first timers.

If those Gotchas will affect you should probably look at the at a NVIDIA Shield if you want a Android TV device.

The whole frame switching argument never made sense to me. I have read a LOT of posts on all sorts of forums about why this is needed and why some people discount it and state modern TVs (via pull down) make this a non-issue. I have over 1,000 movies (small by some standards) and while I haven't watched them all on all the TVs in my house, I've watched hundreds of movies in different rooms on different boxes, different apps and not once did I run into a problem where a movie was repeating frames or had a weird playback issue that I could trace back to any sort of refresh setting. Maybe I just don't understand the problem enough to talk intelligently about it or maybe all my TVs can cope with it or my Apple TVs, Roku, Fire TV and Shield (when I had them) hid the problem from me?! But in the end, I never had any sort of playback problems.

As for the Shield recommendation. I had one for about a year then sold it. The slim remote wouldn't last a week before the battery was dead. Another major problem......stability issues. I can't tell you how many times the Kodi, Plex or RT app would just get weird and crash back to the desktop or have audio/sync problems or the Plex app complain about 'network not fast enough' despite being hardwired with CAT5E. I've used just about every streaming box out there and for me, the Shield was hands down the absolute worse. I thought, maybe I got a bad box? So a friend of mine let me borrow the newer (2017?) model for a few weeks and all the same. exact. problems. returned. I despise the Shield boxes and will never use another one. Wasted way too much time troubleshooting it. I know they work for millions of people but for me, non-stop problems.

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