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(2017-08-24, 20:56)gene0915 Wrote: The whole frame switching argument never made sense to me. I have read a LOT of posts on all sorts of forums about why this is needed and why some people discount it and state modern TVs (via pull down) make this a non-issue. I have over 1,000 movies (small by some standards) and while I haven't watched them all on all the TVs in my house, I've watched hundreds of movies in different rooms on different boxes, different apps and not once did I run into a problem where a movie was repeating frames or had a weird playback issue that I could trace back to any sort of refresh setting. Maybe I just don't understand the problem enough to talk intelligently about it or maybe all my TVs can cope with it or my Apple TVs, Roku, Fire TV and Shield (when I had them) hid the problem from me?! But in the end, I never had any sort of playback problems.

Believe me it makes a HUGE difference to many of us who can see it.

I suspect if you have grown up in a 60Hz region - North America, Japan, Korea, Brazil etc. - where you have watched 3:2 24p content at 60Hz (i.e. with 3:2 judder) on TV your entire life, you are probably far less sensitive to it than those of us who have grown up in 50Hz territories - Europe, Aus, NZ, much of Asia and parts of South America - where 24p content has always been 2:2 (i.e. no judder) with 4% speed-up. For many of us, the first time we saw 3:2 was when we bought a Region 1 DVD or our first Blu-ray movie and it played at 60Hz.

Our first HDTV couldn't handle 24p natively, we replaced it within 3 months of buying our first Blu-ray, as no-one could handle the 3:2 in our household. It was just too unpleasant.

I'm probably attuned to incorrect frame rate handling more than most (I can't watch 50Hz content at 60Hz for any length of time, or 24Hz at 60Hz either, and 24Hz at 50Hz un-sped-up looks terrible) as part of my job is critical analysis of broadcast picture quality, but I know many other people who, once they've seen proper frame rate handling, realise they can't cope.

However if you're in the US, have a library of 24p content, are happy with 3:2 and playing it at 60Hz, and don't have to worry about 50Hz Live/Recorded TV (like those of us in Europe) then it won't be an issue for you. This side of the pond I have 24p movies (*), 25p catch-up TV, 50i/p Live/Recorded TV, 60Hz(*) Blu-ray concerts etc. Frame rate handling is vital for me. It's the first thing I look for in a platform after codec support, and before HD Audio...

(*) 23.976 vs 24.000 and 29.97/59.94 vs 30.00/60.00 is also an issue. I can just about put up with the fractional stuff if I have to - but I know family members find the judder every 40" or so annoying.

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