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I would not call any 4K Android OS based device - PERFECT - simply because 99% of Android boxes (FireTV2 the exception) do not implement Android Auto 1080p / 4K Resolution switching. Do not confuse this with Kodi dynamic Refresh switching.

And without that you will likely find yourself having to fiddle with Android settings to switch Resolutions to produce Optimal 1080p picture outputs on a 4K TV, and then again change Android settings when viewing 4K content. This will l suspect become a PITA going forward.

Your 4K TV, is very likely able to produce better 1080p > 4K upscaled picture quality vs what a relatively cheap media player can output.

Have a read HERE where NVIDIA Shield owners complain about upscaling picture quality issue when using a 4K Android system resolution and playing 1080p video content. Those guys are the PERFECT - demanding types of 1080p/4K media player users too.

There are further Android OS limitations I have not even mentioned yet.

Personally if you do not need Frame Packed 3D aka 1080p 3D - the 4K HDR / 7.1 HD Audio capable MINIX U9 is a better "pure Android" box buy because it is running a "native" version of Kodi Krypton 17.4 properly.

Kodi Krypton that is installed directly from the Google Playstore. Plus it comes with a integrated Wireless Mini Keyboard Air Mouse remote and has some DRM / HDCP support to allow 1080p Netflix & other paid for Apps video streaming.
Warning here: there have been numerous complaints about the MINIX A3 lite remote - users prefer the older A2 lite remote with the U9.

The Zidoo X9S runs a fork of Kodi (aka alternate custom version), that is only used as graphic front end to activate external media player software. This external media player software is use to provide 7.1 HD passthrough audio and 1080p 3D, which a Playstore installed - native Kodi Krypton cannot do on that platform.

This external quasimodo custom approach can add complications and have problems down the track, because you are relying on ongoing custom support. This is exactly why Team Kodi now require Android Firmware to use standard Android API's if they want proper Android Kodi support going forward.

Do you even need Android ?

A 7.1 HD Audio capable 4K AMLogic S905/S905X running a "optimised for 1080p / 4K Kodi" - LibreELEC or OSMC OS would be a better seamless 1080p/4K hands off media player.
One that does not come with Android OS limitations.
I use this setup with a Wireless Plug n Play MINIX A2 lite remote. Smile


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