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(2017-08-27, 17:08)marck120 Wrote: Personally I do not care about Netflix, unfortunately it is a paid service. I'm interested in libreelec and Android, Android only free services.

Excuse me, The dual boot DIY (Nougat) Android TV how did you explain it works by holding down the power button on the remote control ? On WeTek Play2 works this way.

See Post #1937

Quote:Keeping the Xiaomi Mi Box for Android TV and MECOOL for libreelec is not uncomfortable, with just one remote control it's difficult, devices I need to connect them to the same TV, maybe it's better than just one device, Android TV + libreelec.

In my case, Android TV + libreelec, is WeTek Play2 or MECOOL better ?

If you do not care about Netflix buy the WeTek Play2, due to easier to use Dual Boot and superior Android TV ROM where everything pretty much " just works". Smile

Play2 is also reference LibreELEC hardware, LibreELEC will even Autoupdate if you want it too. You can even get a TV Tuner if you wish. That works with LibreELEC and Android TV as well.

This Mi Box 3 Bluetooth remote will work out of the box with the Play2's ATV ROM. Xiaomi make fantastic simple BT remotes. It however will not work in LibreELEC.

If you want to use regular tablet/touchscreen Android Apps on the Play2 - you have to purchase a Wireless Air mouse remote like the MINIX A2 lite. Works with both Android TV and LibreELEC as well.

PS. You might want to read this Post
The code is used at the WeTek Online store.


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