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If one buys 2 boxes, namely, a Mecool (dedicated to LE) and other AML S912 for Android TV use, plus the Minix A2 Lite, how they are controlled? That is, first each one must be turn on by specific remote, right? Second, only after they can be controlled through Minix A2?
There is the remote Mele F10 that can learn some buttons. Is this a safe alternative to A2?

Regarding the Wetek Play 2, the fact of having a all-in-one system is very attractive, but it is Android 5 and a S905. For new Android games, this will be a limiting factor. So, WP2 might not be a good choice for both Android and LE.

In my case, Netflix is not considered since my ISP provides a Netflix channel for subscribers through their TV box.

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