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(2017-08-28, 22:28)Thormmy Wrote: The MECOOL M8S Pro+ does not support dynamic refreshrate with Android TV from what I gather. But how about the future? Are there developments being made for this to happen? Is it able to sync to the display if i set it manually in Android TV or is my only choice LibreElec at the moment?

(2017-08-28, 22:54)rapart Wrote: how u know if a device supports dynamic refresh rate?

NVIDIA Shield supports Android TV - Kodi Krypton / Plex dynamic refresh switching as does MINIX U9 and WeTek Hub / Play2...

And then Answers already given in..

Post #1987

It's pretty simply guys - if you want ALL Kodi Krypton features to work properly in cheap hardware, buy a AMLogic S905 / S905X / S905D that can run LibreELEC Kodi Krypton.

(2017-08-28, 20:53)rapart Wrote: So for wifi,hd audio,HDR,maybe ethernet(not my priority) mostly for kodi use and libreelecwith dynamic refresh switch ?Whats the choices?can i get sth better from mi box?

No LibreELEC available on the Mi Box - and there never will be I believe.

The Mi Box will meet your other requirements apart from broken Kodi dynamic refresh switching.
I would not use it for 4K Kodi video streaming either - for that you really need an Ethernet connected 4K LibreELEC box.
Do NOT use it for Kodi Krypton TvHeadend PVR use either or rare H264 VC-1 Bluray Rips.
4K Netflix over 5GHz N or AC WiFi works well on the Mi Box because the video streaming bitrates are not too high.

As for LibreELEC / OSMC boxes with known working AC WiFi re-read...
Post # 1994

AMLogic HDR dual boot boxes = S905X and the S905D MECOOL mentioned previously above. DO NOT buy the AMLogic S912 for LibreELEC.

**Beware - there are NO guarantees WiFi will work with LibreELEC in cheap AMLogic S905(x) devices unless there are Linux WiFi drivers available. Do careful self research on the LibreELEC AMLogic Sub-forum. This is why these devices are cheap and DIY.

AMLogic S9xx boxes running Android Nougat Firmware will have the Google IEC61937 HD Audio support now required by Android Kodi Krypton.
That HD Audio support is also in Android Marshmallow Firmware in the MINIX U9, WeTek Hub / Play2, Xiaomi Mi Box and Nougat Firmware on the Shield.

Notice how the NVIDIA Shield, MINIX and WeTek devices keep getting repeated over and over - they are the ones with decent Android Firmware that allows most Android Kodi Krypton features to work properly - that is why you pay more.
Having said that WeTek's devices now need @Ricardo's easy to flash ATV ROM's / Android OS patches to get them to really work smoothly.


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