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(2017-08-29, 10:16)jonascotch Wrote: If these last are only for LE, than a Khadas Vim is a very good cheaper alternative, and just a little more expensive than Mecool M8S Pro+. And khadas has at least the chance of having Android and LE future development! I think...

I already bought a Minix Neo A2 remote.
In my case I also need Android box for my kids play games like Asphalt, that are very GPU demanding, hence my undecision about all this.
PS. I use the Khadas Vim dtb.img (device tree file) for running @kszaq's LibreELEC Krypton on the S905X MECOOL. Internally you could consider them virtually the same hardware when that occurs.

The DRM HDCP 1.4 1080p Netflix capable Android TV Nougat Firmware on the MECOOL is virtually the same as the Vim would have as well.
Only the Vim does not have those DRM capabilities which are needed for a decent Android TV ROM, but it does have AC WIFi and BT.

As I said before the S912 MINIX U9 should be on the radar if you want to play games and have a decent box for Kodi Krypton compatibility.
It will have the best S912 Android Firmware as well. MINIX are going to upgrade it to Android Nougat I've been told.

Otherwise wait for a generic Nougat - AML S912 with DRM like the MECOOL Pro to popup with a decent 3rd party Android TV ROM over on the Feaktab website and forget about LibreELEC.

Your problem is you want a strong GPU that the S912 has, but it is not a recommended device for LibreELEC.


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