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S912 - may be OK for Android only BUT make sure they are running Android Nougat 7.1.1 Firmware NOT Marshmallow.
Even then it buyer beware.

Current LE S912 status: (nothing changed)
Quote:AMLogic S912 hardware works with LibreELEC but you will have to put up with noticable Kodi user interface display tearing due to poor GPU video drivers. This does not look like it will be fixed anytime soon - See HERE for details.
There is also picture tearing during Software decoded video playback. For Audio output and when using Hardware video decoding, playback is the same as the S905X chipset devices with no picture tearing.

Need Android TV buy a real easy to use Xiaomi Mi Box - make sure your required Apps work first - ask over on the Reddit Android TV thread. Do your own research. Fine for Kodi IPTV & FHD - unless IPTV streams as Interlaced video. Best simple Wireless remote for Android TV on the market.

Need tablet Android - buy some other Android Box, BUT I warn you make sure there is 3rd party support for it via extra Firmware / ROM's on the Freaktabwebsite. Do your own research.

Android TV is different to regular tablet Android OS. Usually Android tablet apps will not work on Android TV and Vice Versa.

This is a Kodi forum - I'm not going to get into Android App discussion and usage.

Need superior Kodi only, well I've already listed the LibreELEC options extensively already in previous posts and they will all do IPTV and FHD.
Be aware if IPTV comes to you as interlaced video you need a S905(x) box running LibreELEC Kodi Krypton.

This recent addition will also help:

(click) LE forums - Choosing a AML S905 / S905X / S905W / S905D box discussion.


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