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(2017-09-17, 17:41)wrxtasy Wrote:
(2017-09-17, 17:34)marck120 Wrote: Thanks for the advice, regarding the MECOOL M8S Pro is the wifi problem
NO WiFi problems I know of with the WiFi chipset on the S912 M8S Pro

Do not mix it up with the S905X M8S Pro+ where there is a no LibbreELEC WiFi available.

Sorry I got confused, the MECOOL M8S PRO and the MECOOL M8S Pro + are two different boxes.


MECOOL M8S Pro + = s905x

As you explained, wifi is not supported on the S905X M8S Pro + box, but on the s912 MECOOL M8S PRO the wifi works very well.

However, the main boxes with the s912 CPU seem to me to be these:

Minix neo u9-h
Beelink GT1 Ultimate
H96 Pro +

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