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Evening everyone. I just joined the site but have been reading multiple posts trying to figure which box is best for me. Before I start if I'm posting this in the wrong section I apologize. What I'm looking to do is upgrade my present stick to something better and faster
A background of what I currently have:
I'm running a gen 1 fire stick on Kodi 17.6
This is connected to a Vizio 55" e550i-b1 1080p tv. The stick is run wireless and at most times feel the stick is just slow and not a great experience. I run the stick in the HDMI port of the tv and the audio out from the tv is run through my reciever.

Basically what I'm looking for is a new box. I'll keep my stick for Amazon and the box will be primarily for Kodi. I've read on the beelink ultimate, Minix, mecool, ECT and it seems I'll watch a video on the box and its considered good or great but then read about overheating or dark colors ECT. I plan to run an Ethernet to combat the jitter and buffering I get on any 1080 picture.
Just curious if anyone can recommend a good box with little to no problems..Ethernet port, budget friendly ( under $100). I've just been overwhelmed with the amount of boxes available and not sure which I should pick

Thanks in advance

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