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Hi, I am now leaning towards the Vero 4K and have a few questions.

1) Do you have to use Ethernet to stream a 40-50GB BDremux?
2) Does OSMC differ visually from vanilla Kodi?  How far behind official Kodi releases is the OSMC developer?  I like running beta Kodi releases and don't really want to wait for final releases to experience new features.
3) Is Vero 4K competitive pricewise with other top Kodi boxes?
4) I have always used SMB and am not familiar with using other types of networking for media streaming.  Is there a learning curve and would I be missing out on anything by switching from SMB if I went the Vero 4K route?
5) Does using IR for the remote (instead of bluetooth) mean that I can't mount the box behind a wall-mounted TV?
6) Is the Mi aftermarket remote compatible with Vero 4K?

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