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(2017-12-15, 08:40)wrxtasy Wrote: Cheers.

Not sure on the current reliability of HD Audio / Atmos passthrough status with Linux / LibreELEC on on 4K 10bit Hardware decode capable Apollo / Kaby Lake.
I think a bunch of Intel guys just want a proper HDMI 2.0 connector, vs the problematic (for Linux / LibreELEC) Apollo / Kaby Lake DP> HDMI adapter. That HDMI 2.0 connector looks like it is coming very soon with Intel Gemini Lake.

There is this POST - no idea what OS is used.

Intel Apollo / Kaby Lake - LibreELEC users want to chime in here regarding current HD Audio passthrough status ?

HDR 4K Kodi Krypton is not supported when using any Intel Hardware at the moment.

Q. have you done this MOD (click) to the AML S912 box yet. It should speed up LE a wee bit ! 
Thanks for the additional info. I will likely stick with the S912 for a while until something better comes along. 

As for my LE install on the S912 I have it running completely on internal as I didn't need anything from the android side of things and wanted the hardware dedicated to LE. It's not that it's terribly slow, it runs faster than my fire TV's I just run the skin Aeon MQ7 and have a lot of animated art and a lot of artwork in general so that doesn't help when going through the menu's. When videos are playing everything works great. I did just figure out that I wasn't getting audio passthrough for DTS-HD and other audio codecs as I had the "sync playback to display" option selected which was disabling passthrough...doh...

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