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I have a shiny new Samsung 7000 series UHD Smart TV and want to get a Kodi box to go with it.  I think I have read virtually every post in this thread and I'm still stuck and bewildered by the array of boxes out there.

I have a NAS that has my DVDs and CD's that have been ripped to digital files.  They are not 4K.

On an older, non-smart tv, I had been using a Boxee box that I had installed Kodi 14.x (the best version that would run on the Boxee).  I thought it was great, so I want to be using Kodi again.  That Boxee is still with the old TV and I won't be using it with the new TV.

The UHD TV has Netflix, Amazon, Youtube, Plex and others built right in.  Presumably those apps can handle 4K streaming tasks should I want to use them.

Since the TV has Plex built in, I have been using it to access files on the NAS, but only from a Plex server that exists on a desktop computer elsewhere in my house.  The NAS itself is not powerful enough to be a server.

I have come to the conclusion that I really don't like Plex and want to get back into using Kodi for library access as well as to access services like CBC, the BBC, ITV, etc.

I like the look and apparent quality of Minix boxes.  Price and looks wise, I'm leaning to the Minix Neo X6 even though I know is rather outdated in late 2017.  Considering I don't think I need the 4K aspect of things, it seems to me to be a good choice.  However, looking on the Canadian Amazon page, there are loads of weirdly named Android boxes that are roughly the same price that claim to be ultra powerful and the best at everything, but I'm skeptical.

What could you guys recommend for me?  As long as I have clear instructions, I'm not afraid of a more roundabout way of installing Kodi, after all, I managed to install it on my Boxee Box.

So, tl;dr:
Want quality box to run Kodi and only Kodi.  Don't think I really need to care about 4K.  Prefer Canada based supplier/store.

Thanks for your time and advice.

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