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You have a few errors...

Apple TV 4K:
- does not do auto resolution switching, it really does not need it because 1080p > 4K upscaled picture quality is good.
- set and forget, auto everything, let Apple's tvOS take care of refresh and colorspace switching for ALL Apps, tvOS system wide, not just Plex or MrMC (Kodi) Smile
- Dolby Vision streaming is superior to static HDR10 picture outputs on a compatible DV TV.

- MrMC (modded Kodi Jarvis) has limitations with self install Addons and you cannot install additional Skins. Already has about 6 built in Skins with more being added slowly. Also includes PVR Addons and Built in Kodi user interface configurable clients for Plex, Emby, MySQL and TrakTV. Honestly for solid NAS video streaming and TV viewing it does not feel like you miss out on much.

NVIDIA Shield:
- does auto Refresh switching in Plex/Kodi/SPMC only
- does auto Resolution switching in SPMC 17.6a2 only
- broken auto Colorspace switching Rec.709 (SDR) <--> BT.2020 (HDR) after auto Refresh switching.
- broken deinterlacing for OTA TV viewing with Kodi Krypton.

- you do get the Full Monty Kodi Krypton App release however with all the Addon and self install Skins - Bells and Whistles Smile

- no 5.1 audio from Netflix or Amazon Video & other DD+ streaming Apps unless you are HDMI connected to a DD+ audio receiver. Old Soundbar owners beware. Mi Box has exact same limitations.

- you need auto Refresh switching AND auto colorspace switching working if you are from countries with video content that plays back @ 25 / 50fps like Oz / N.Z / Euro / U.K. - sourced TV / IPTV, filmed for TV content / sports and want a hands off, set and forget - SDR / HDR Apps capable streaming media player.

Otherwise expect horrible video judder in Apps and also when you disable Plex / Kodi / SPMC auto refresh switching because of the previously mentioned colorspace switching issue.

For other Apps on the Shield you have to manually switch Android Settings - system resolution to 1080p / 2160p @ 50Hz for proper video sync, BUT then what about other Apps like Netflix, Amazon Video etc.. streaming at 23.976fps ?
Welcome to video sync-city HELL !

Running LE Kodi Krypton on the U9, set and forget as well with auto everything.
LE GPU video drivers optimised for a 60fps Kodi Graphic User Interface with No picture tearing.
GPU drivers have nothing to do with Hardware Video decoding on AMLogic devices, the co-processor VPU always handled all that and hardware video playback never had any issues.

Suggestion, see how well various Apps perform on a smart 4K HDR TV first because then you very likely will not have to worry about annoying Android refresh, resolution and colorspace limitations and issues. If they are OK supplement the smart TV with something like a Vero4K or AML S912 for hands off - mixed SDR / 4K HDR - Kodi Krypton use. You will have very few limitations then.


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