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(2018-01-11, 17:53)bMind Wrote: I'm looking for something with 4K/HDR support (Netflix etc), auto resolution switching and best audio/video quality you can get in a reasonable price. Based on your suggestions I'm considering VERO 4K, MINIX NEO U9-H or something like Odroid C2. Beside media center functionality I need an actual Linux underneath so simplest would be VERO, but I've also read that you can dual boot MINIX and it's not a problem to get my hands dirty doing this so Smile Beside the actual performance/quality you also praise MINIX for build quality, so yeah, help (or other recommendations) are welcome Smile
You will not find a Linux box with 4K HDR Netflix support. The closest you will get is the Apple TV 4K that has nearly auto everything, minus Dolby Atmos and DTS:X
See the post #2344 above.

Linux underneath and HDR Kodi only = Vero 4K = NO 4K HDR Netflix
C2 = AMLogic S905 = no HDR support at all
MINIX U9 = no 4K HDR Netflix, only 4K HDR LibreELEC Kodi / Android Kodi & 1080p Netflix with an unofficial ATV ROM

Best build quality = Apple TV 4K, giving you correct HDR colorspace switching, set and forget virtually everything and 4K HDR10 / DolbyVision Apps support. Supplement it with a working 4K HDR - Vero / LibreELEC - Kodi Krypton box if you want all the Krypton Addons, Skins - Bells and whistles.

Don't try and do everything with the one device, otherwise be prepared to compromise and annoyingly, continually fiddle with device and App settings and implement unsatisfactory workarounds.

And you missed the most important part of the lot for any media player:

Best bug fixing Firmware updates, tweaks and support (almost on a monthly basis) comes from the OSMC / Vero guys and Apple, closely followed by LibreELEC.


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