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(2018-01-12, 19:47)JohnWB Wrote: I am using a Wetek Play2, with the latest LibreELEC,  playing Moviies (up to 30g and with full HD sound) and TV programs (various including x264 and x265) from a Synology NAS which works very well but is not very user friendly (my wife).

I am intending toget a 4K TV soon so I would be playing various 4K movies

What would i gain / loose moving to the Apple TV 4K with MrMC and would it be better than the Dune 4K or some of the other available.

The price would not be an issue (up to £150 -£200 ish) as long as what ever I get can play the videos with top quality vision and sound and is as easy to use as my old Mede8er 600.

Librelec/Kodi have different skins available and one of them looks exactly like the appletv interface, so I don’t believe LE/Kodi would be situated any differently compared to the other devices on the “WAF” spectrum.
In fact if anything, it’s so customizable, you can make it very very simple.

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