START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
Thanks ya I was reading on shield , some user forums make it out be the best thing ever. But it doesn't really suit my needs and seems to struggle with live TV.

Apple TV is interesting I thought it would have the power but it's a slight trade off I think in that tv Headends main use is on Kodi. It's user base is there , for a non commerical solution this becomes important for weeding out issues and not getting bugs. It was really a strong contender for me.

I started HTPC build years back , never got something that fitted my needs and ended up with windows across board on server and clients with WMC and then Plex. Windows had in fairness great flexibility on a custom machine. You wanted to watch Vod content you just open the web browser. Netflix - open a web browser and stored content was easy through Plex.

That i supose is another option, Intel nucs and mediportal. Problem with windows these days is it's costant flux. You get a box like a Windows minix unit before you know it your outta storage and updates are pushed onto you.

I wonder would Ubuntu on a device such as a Nuc be a possibility . From want remember it had issues with drivers , also be a very expensive solution.

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