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(2018-01-19, 17:25)spong_miester Wrote: Been looking for a replacement for my dead FireTV 4k and can't decide on what to get, Was looking at the Xiaomi Mi Box but apparently it has ropey 4k playback so does a device that can playback 10bit HEVC and 4k HDR mkvs exist? The Shield is out of my budget at the moment unfortunately.
From Post #1, maybe you missed reading it ?

Q. I basically want a HD Audio capable (inc. Atmos & DTS:X) 4K HDR Kodi media player that just works with minimal hassles ?
(devices must have working auto refresh & auto 1080p / 4K resolution switching and correct colorspace output after auto resolution switching)
  • AMLogic S905X, S905D and S912 devices running DIY LibreELEC Kodi Krypton or Plug N Play - OSMC Kodi Krypton on the Vero 4K
  • Some AML S905D or S912 devices like the MINIX U9-H also have Gigabit LAN. WiFi is NOT recommended for high bitrate 4K video streaming.
  • The combos mentioned above can also do decent HDR > SDR conversion for 4K non-HDR video output to a 10bit non-HDR 4K TV.
  • There is no need to continually fiddle with Operating System or Kodi settings for optimal 1080p / 4K HDR picture outputs once initial device setup is complete.
  • Yes these cheap AMLogic devices are better than both the more expensive Intel "Lake" NUC's and the NVIDIA Shield for auto, mixed 1080p / 4K HDR Kodi Krypton.


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