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(2018-01-21, 22:20)BarryNorman Wrote: Thanks for the info.

I was hoping to get Amazon, Netflix and NowTV on Android and boot into LibreElec for playback of local files.

From what I've read, its a limitation of Android, I'll have to investigate further
At the cheap end of the market - you need a FireTV stick for 1080p Netflix and Amazon Video. Amazon really restrict what devices can stream Amazon Video. The stick will also have enough grunt for H.264 video playback

Now TV will only be available on an actual Now TV box. Blame Sky for this.

LibreELEC Kodi can only be installed on AMLogic S9xx boxes

The cheapest with 1080p Netflix only and with DIY dual boot LibreELEC is the MECOOL M8S Pro L


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