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(2018-01-28, 19:16)clarkss12 Wrote:
(2018-01-27, 20:48)Jeffers24 Wrote:
(2018-01-26, 03:53)nickr Wrote: 1. Android support of NTFS support is not a Kodi issue. However a little googling reveals that (in general) android can read but not write NTFS drives. There are hacks to get write support on the web. YMMV.

2. I would never recommend any cheap ($50) android device for Kodi.

3. I would recommend any of the working s905/905X/912 boxes with LibreELEC flashed to it. Some of them can be had for about $40-50.
Are points 2. and 3. conflicting advice?       
For point 2, I think he is referring to running Kodi from Android.  Point 3, is to install LibreELEC as the OS instead of Android version of Kodi.      
That's what I understood. If I successfully install LibreELEC in an s905 box, it should be able to read multi-TB NTFS drives, correct? They're USB drives with their own AC adapters.

And an additional question. How compatible is LibreELEC with USB hubs? Am I likely to run into problems if I do that? Thanks.

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