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(2018-01-30, 00:11)ByTheBay Wrote: That's what I understood. If I successfully install LibreELEC in an s905 box, it should be able to read multi-TB NTFS drives, correct? They're USB drives with their own AC adapters.

Quote:And an additional question. How compatible is LibreELEC with USB hubs? Am I likely to run into problems if I do that? Thanks.
Buy a powered USB Hub if you are connecting more than one 2.5" HDD.
Any sort of unpowered USB hub will work if connected USB HDD's have their own power supplies.

Ugreen USB3 > Gigabit (1000M) ethernet network adapters hubs (Ugreen 20265) seem to be the most compatible for those that want to increase LAN thruput performance for Boxes with 100Mbps only Ethernet ports.
Gigabit LAN provides more data thruput headroom for high bitrate 4K video streaming.


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