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(2018-01-28, 19:16)clarkss12 Wrote:
(2018-01-27, 20:48)Jeffers24 Wrote:
(2018-01-26, 03:53)nickr Wrote: 1. Android support of NTFS support is not a Kodi issue. However a little googling reveals that (in general) android can read but not write NTFS drives. There are hacks to get write support on the web. YMMV.

2. I would never recommend any cheap ($50) android device for Kodi.

3. I would recommend any of the working s905/905X/912 boxes with LibreELEC flashed to it. Some of them can be had for about $40-50.
Are points 2. and 3. conflicting advice?  
For point 2, I think he is referring to running Kodi from Android.  Point 3, is to install LibreELEC as the OS instead of Android version of Kodi. 
 Indeed, don't bother with android. DO run LibreELEC on a box that originally had android on it. Sorry if that wasn't clear.
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