START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
Just got my OROID C2 in and am looking to replace an old XIOS XS now.  I want to boot directly into KODI, so I believe that leaves me with LibreELEC.  The only challenge I'm facing right now, is finding out exactly what image to work with here.

It looks like there might be 2 guys (wrxtasy being one of them) that are maintaining builds right now...but I could be wrong.  Anyone know what would be best to go with?  I'm connecting to an AVR, working with 1080p (has 3D capability, but honestly - haven't used it but the day I bought the projector), I use NFS for my sources, wired network, harmony ultimate via IR.  If I left anything out that would help point me to the right image, just let me know and I'll answer right away!

Thanks so much all!

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