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Thank you for your reply.
As I understand it you use a PlayStation 3 and an AMlogic box working together to give you a media streamer and PVR ?

As I mentioned before I 'm looking for single box solution as the media player is for a non tech savvy person.

I bought an MX8 android box for my sister a few years ago which had a proprietary interface loaded over android.
She owned a nexus smart phone so I thought it would be easy for her to use.  But it neither looked nor behaved like an android box.

It was clunky , the remote sucked, it kept crashing kodi, it was almost impossible to load any applications from the android store...a real nightmare.
In addition it lacked a tv tuner and was a pain to connect to an external hard drive.

So I ended throwing it in the draw and buying her a Nuc.  
The NUC also  has no TVB tuner  but at least she could play her own movie library with Kodi installed and watch Netflix.

This time I want a single box just for Kodi that will do PVR (dual tuner at least), read local media content via usb and comes with a good remote or can use the tv remote through a flirc usb receiver. 

I never got very far looking at the Raspberry Pi 3 as a possibility,  as it appears that it will never be able to handle H.265.  Since even some 1080 content is now being coded at H.265 that ruled it out. 
I'm not even sure which if any TV tuners that work in Australia will work on the Pi.

There are other dyi boards out there like the Rock64 , Udoo, Asus Tinker box ect which have most if not all of the requirements, but I have no experience in any of the o/s that run on these.  Not even Windows 10 IOT.
I also don't know if these boards can run Kodi, or a backend pvr service for Kodi  or which tuners will work out of the box.
If any of these don't work I would be stuck and unlikely to get them working as there is limited support.


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