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Hi all!

sorry my post fall a bit random in the conversation, but goes back to the initial post.
Now that kodi is released on Xbox One, would that make sense to add it to the list of devices (I see it is mentioned in December news)? Is there a catch that I'm missing?

I'm not a technical expert, but it seems there are a lot of advantages for it. I just borrowed one from my brother to do some tries and I'm really thinking of purchasing one (against an Apple TV 4K with MrmC that I was considering earlier - the price is actually more or less the same at the moment):

In Kodi
- 4K and H265 capability - (I had little issues with just one sample HEVC 4K 10bits while others were working fine. I have to test other ones to be sure)
- Bitstream sounds (passthrough is apparently not working with kodi so far)

Aside from kodi
- 4k and H265
- Bluray player (may not work inside kodi)
- Nice gaming console!
- Netflix, Prime Video apps in 4K and HD audio (right now I'm just missing Molotov for TV, but I can connect my cable box to the xbox to compensate).
- Support Miracast, Chromecast and Airplay with an extra paid app

As you may have perceived, I'm quite convinced by the solution at the moment.
Do you see anything I'm missing, or something that could become a potential issue on this platform? (so far my only regrets compared to the apple TV are the Homekit integration, and access to Itunes video catalog/Apple Music). (Just for the record, I'm moving from a Pi2 on Librelec)

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